TheeKatsMeoww would not be possible without the tremendous help from JuneBabyProductions. What is JuneBabyProductions?, you may ask.

Co-Founders & Besties

Well, June Baby Productions is a brand spankin’ new production company, eager to grow like wild fire and take onprojects among their community and generation. JBP, created only a couple months ago by two close friends Sara and Kat, has already produced two major on going projects.

Sara and Kat have lived in New York City, in the same five block radius for all of their twenty two years of living. Sara majors in film at Hunter College and Kat majors in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Fashion Institute of Technology. They are legit the dream team duo. Sara primarily films and edits their projects and Kat produces them as well as hosts their first child production “TheeKatsMeoww”.

Because of Kat’s background in acting and knowledge of advertising and media she has brought important but hushed feminism topics to light with their YouTube channel “TheeKatsMeoww”. Their videos are rich with entertaining skits that keep the serious topics lighthearted but bring the viewers back to reality with educational facts and insights.
For more JuneBabyProductions videos check their YouTube channel out.


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