Who’s Kat?

Kat is trying to keep a straight face while writing about herself in the third person.

My parents refer to me as Katherine but I think that sounds like an old Irish lady’s name so I prefer Kat.
I must have been too much for my parents growing up so they conveniently sent me to acting classes as a way to get a breather from my rants. Unfortunately for my parents it backfired on them because I got accepted to Fiorello H. LaGuardia of The Performing Arts High School (aka “The FAME school”) where my ranting and craziness was encouraged.

I worked as a casting assistant straight out of high school but then stopped in order to go to college and stop my mom from crying at night because her daughter was going no where.

So currently, I’m a 22 year old college student majoring in Adverting Marketing & Communications and minoring in English  at The Fashion Institute of Technology. (Disclaimer: I have no interest in fashion, I just believe their business program is the shiz-niz.)

I’m a sarcasm appreciating zombie fanatic who has a phobia of melons (all except Watermelons).


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