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J.Lo’s L’Oreal True Match. More like False Match

The makeup of our skin is truly a representation of our bloodline. My mother is Colombian and my father is Peruvian. My skin is a combination of European influences on my mother’s side and Native American/ Indegious Inca influences on my fathers side. All of these elements which I am proud to say make up the pallet of my skin color.

I’m a fan of embracing all  the components of our identity. So when I first saw the L’Oreal True Match Commercial with Beyonce, which broke down her ethnic background, I was ecstatic to say the least.

Theres a story behind my skin. It’s a mosaic of all the faces before it. <—- A foundation awkknowledging the many components to the color of our skin? Yes please! At least thats what I thought until I saw Jennifer Lopez’s version of the commercial.

100% Puerto Rican? No breakdown? What happened to the acknowledgment of the ethnical composition to One’s skin color? That’s what I loved about the commercial but Loreal failed to fully represent that.

Unlike Beyonce’s multi racial representation, Jenneifer Lopez is apparently just Puerto Rican. 100% Puerto Rican? Last time I checked Puerto Rican is not a race or ethnicity. More like 100% bullshit, Loreal!

Beyonce’s Loreal True Match commercial has gotten a lot of backlash from the Black community because of beliefs that the breakdown of her ethnicity dilutes her blackness especially when in comparison to Jennifer Lopez’s ad.

I agree with Alexis Garrett Stodghil from The Grio,  if Jennifer Lopez is 100% Puerto Rican than why not have Beyonce %100 Black. But I’d like to propose another question: Why would L’oreal break down Beyonce’s ethnicity and not Jennifer Lopez’s? More of a concern, why didn’t the Latin community (or at least the Puerto Rican community) raise any concerns the way the Black community did?

Easy. Because Puerto Rican’s didn’t have a problem with it, which may be an even bigger concern. Having pride of where you came from is fabulous because as the Loreal commercial said “it tells a story”. Unfortunetly many indiviuals are ignoring or shall I say…..denying themselves of the full story.

We have to take pride in the absolute truth. And the truth is, if you’re Puerto Rican; than you have African, European and native (Indigenous) anscestry.

That’s the TRUE MATCH of J.Lo’s skin.

100% Puerto Rican

One thought on “J.Lo’s L’Oreal True Match. More like False Match

  1. When I saw the commercial today, I was like “what?” Puerto Rico is a PLACE not a RACE. So just because you’re Puerto Rican doesn’t mean you aren’t Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc. The ad should have said 100% HISPANIC. Not Puerto Rican. That’s like saying I’m 100% American, lol. And Beyoncé’s ad saying she’s French. What does a language have to do with your skin? Does she mean she speaks French? I don’t understand. People are so dumb. Wow.

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