My Experience With Online Haterade

A while back Michigan representative Lisa Brown spoke on the House floor about some of the most restrictive anti-choice legislation. Her speech consisted of a description of how her own faith, Judaism, actually supports a woman’s right to have an abortion. “I have not asked you to adopt and adhere to my religious beliefs. Why are you asking me to adopt yours?” she says as an ending argument. Well, not really. Her ending statement was actually, “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.'”

You watch her full speech here & you can hear her ending statement at the 1:50 mark:

At the moment there were no predominant reactions to Lisa Browns speech. That is, not until the next day when Lisa Brown and her colleague Rep. Barb Byrum were banned by Republican House leaders from speaking on the House floor. SAYWHAT?!

It’s cool, their reasoning was simple.


  1. Anti-Semitic
    In regards to Browns speech, Rep. Mike Calton had this to say: “It was so offensive, I don’t even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company.” And Mr. Calton is Jewish himself just like Brown so cross that one off the list.
  2. Temper Tantrum
    Republicans accused Brown & her colleague of throwing a “temper tantrum.” A temper tantrum? Are you serious?
  3. “No, Means No”
    Then there was the idea that by Brown saying “No, Means No” she was accusing the House of raping her. #OhLawdHaveMercy

Seems to me like someone doesn’t have their story straight. There has been enough information and evidence for me and thousands of other people to come to the conclusion that Mike Calton & the rest of his party were offended by Browns use of the word “VAGINA” (or for the very least, how she used the word “VAGINA”).

Well I like many others, thought that was re-donk-ulous and so I decided to make a video about it. I wanted to interview other men about how they felt about the word “VAGINA” and if they too were offended by Brown’s use of the word. I set out to shed light on the topic but also show how silly it was that grown men were offended by the use of an anatomically correct word.

Talk about foreshadowing! A while back I wrote about the online hate that vloger Anita Sarkeesian was getting as a result of starting her Kickstarter which aimed to stop sexism in video games. Who would of known that I was soon to encounter my own wave of Haterade.

My wave of Haterade consisted of the following:
1. Jumpers
“Jumpers” are those who jump to assumptions. Many individuals seem to think they are stating a good argument by putting words in my mouth or jumping to assumptions about my character. Assumptions such as, “Had a man been banned for saying penis, you wouldn’t have cared.” They finish it off with “way to go jumping on the feminist bandwagon.” These accusations are plain false. And goes to show the negative connotation still attached to feminism.

1. Take Up Space
“Take Up Space” comments are comments which make no points at all and never refer to the subject at hand. Below are just a few of these senseless and tiresome comments.
 3. Lazy
“Lazy” comments don’t need that much of an  explanation but basically they are the ones who attempt calling me out on something but really what they’re pointing out is that they were to lazy to watch the video in its entirety.

But then there are those that don’t fall in the list because they actually made valid points or showed me a different point of view.

Other than those 3 categories I realized people will always have something to say. To some, I was too childish and to others I was pretending to be sophisticated. Ahh, I get it so I’m a sophisticated child? Or perhaps I’m a child pretending to be sophisticated? WHATEVER

Everyone’s got an opinion and everyone feels entitled to share but even more so when behind a computer screen.

But I’m guilty of hiding behind a screen too. I’ve always expressed myself through writing and have felt comfort in doing so while behind the sceen. Words are words and people can attack your words but never know who you are. Put a face to words and I feel that’s viewing an individual as a whole. You are no longer just words on a paper but an actual person. A person with feelings and emotions who can be attacked.

But regardless of my fears and insecurities something in me told me that enough was enough and that I needed to get out of my shell in order to really drive my message out there. So with that said, when I was in the process of starting my YouTube channel I was aware that online hate is unfortunately part of the deal. How I would I deal with it? I had no idea.

That is, until it actually happened. I realized its important to surround yourself around like-minded individuals and people who look out for your best interest. They are the ones who will reassure you that what the haters are saying isn’t true and they are the ones who will honestly point out your flaws so you can better yourself. Besides my friends, to my surprise a group of individuals who I never even met counteracted the Haterade with positivity.

So, putting a face to my words is frightening but I now know that the same courage that the screen gives some to Haterade, is the same screen that gives courage to those who fight the Haterade. Thank you to those who bravely fight the Haterade behind their screens 😉


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