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Advertisers Sexify My Popsicle

Its been so hot out and I find myself craving cold popsicles but it comes with a price; stares & glares. And sometimes, even a bag of disturbing comments like “Oh yeah, suck that shit” or even the typical “Mmmm…”

Don’t blame Kate, for she not knows what she does. Blame society

I don’t blame Kate Upton for agreeing to do an ad like this. She’s just out to make an extra buck and probably doesn’t give it much thought. But its ad’s like this that make me reconsider eating my firecracker in the company of my man friends. Kate is merely just conforming to societies pressure of being sexy. And apparently that now includes food!

“Who is perpetuating this idea of sexualizing food?”-  you may ask. Well, I have one very strong suggestion: Advertisers! Yeaup, you heard me. Advertisers have been using the idea of sexualizing food for a long time now. “But why?” Because it’s an easy way to gain attention. The more scandalous your ad, the more attention you’ll recieve and the more the product/service you’re selling will profit.

“What’s the big fuss?” – The big fuss is that we eat and breathe media without even knowing it and it conditions how we think & act. Having sexual thoughts is natural and healthy but what isn’t healthy is thinking you can invade someones personal space or that you have the right to sexually harass whomever you want. Advertisements that specifically use the technique of sexualizing food conditions us to think two things; 1) these foods are actually sexual & 2) people  (mostly men) believe that those who eat these type of food in public must “know what they’re doing”.

Unfortunately this is not true. What they’re really doing is making my life and the lives of many other women a living hell. Many times these advertisements stop us from acting naturally. Many women have told me that they too feel uncomfortable eating certain food among men and change how they eat it or just wait for the men to leave to enjoy their banana in peace. How uncomfortable and what a hassle?

Besides effecting our socialization with one another, silly ads like this one for ALDO is just a lame excuse for an advertisement. What exactly does a popsicle have to do with shoes you ask? NOTHING, THATS WHAT! The suspense and sex appeal of a female eating such a food is supposed to keep you entertained enough for you to see the shoes at the end. But really, it makes absolutely no sense and we all know it.

It’s easy to use sex to sell things and it doesn’t take much creativity to think up this type of concept  but what does that say about the advertising agency? The clients of these lazy advertising agency’s should demand for more intricate and creative work and not some easy way out excuse of an advertisement. Now that, would be shocking and scandalous!


2 thoughts on “Advertisers Sexify My Popsicle

  1. I watched all your videos. I like your insight. Two items that you should take a look at, if you already haven’t, Linda William’s “Hardcore”–an excellent book. Also, try and see “The Andersonville Trial” with William Shatner. These two items, I feel, will attempt to provide “answers” and confirmation to some of the questions posed by your videos.

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