• Pluck eyebrows-check
  • Shave legs- check
  • Be skinny, but not not too skinny- check
  • Be sexy, but not too sexy- check

OH and I forgot…remember to bleach your vagina!
Yeah, you heard me. The color of your vagina just ain’t right if it ain’t white. (That lucky Snow White)

This is an Indian product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash. Here’s what the advertising executive had to say:

The only reason I can offer for why people like fairness, is this: if you have two beautiful girls, one of them fair and the other dark, you see the fair girl’s features more clearly. This is because her complexion reflects more light.

Well you heard it first, if you want your man to fully appreciate all the details of your vagina under a spotlight, make sure to bleach that shit!


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